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Product Description

SP-High Modulus the marine business of Gurit’s range of multi-purpose systems is the foundation of our formulated products business. First developed in the early 1980's, specifically to meet the needs of the wooden boat builder/restorer, SP-High Modulus’s comprehensive range of products is as popular today as when it was first introduced.

•Ideal for repairs and other small tasks
•Suitable for gluing, coating, laminating and filling
•Simple 2:1 by volume mix ratio
•Supplied with dispensing pumps
•375ml Pack - 250ml Resin & 125ml Hardener

Quick Repair system...
Handipack is a multi-purpose epoxy, supplied only in a small pack. It is designed for quick repair work and small scale construction jobs. The system is extremely reactive with a pot-life of just 8 minutes at 20°C. It is therefore best suited to small tasks, and should not be applied in thicknesses exceeding 3mm.

The medium to low viscosity of the material enables it to be used for small laminating tasks, using lightweight glass fabrics, such as those from the SP-High Modulus’s reinforcements range. The system’s good clarity makes it a good sheathing matrix system.

Used as a coating, it cures rapidly at ambient temperatures to form a tough, clear film, with good moisture resistance. If the coating is to remain unpainted, the cured material should be overcoated with any good two pack polyurethane, since an unprotected epoxy coating will gradually yellow in sunlight.

By using the SP-High Modulus range of filler powders, a Handipack resin and hardener mix can be turned into a very effective adhesive or filling compound.