CLASSIC View Zodiac Cadet Fastroller 285 Acti-V

Zodiac Cadet Fastroller 285 Acti-V
[Fatsroller 285]

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The Cadet Fastroller range offers the ultimate in yacht tenders:

compactness, unrivalled capacity, robustness (welded structure) and innovative look.

The patented INT-L System is a 4-litre storage volume located in the buoyancy tube (Cadet fastroller 360 only). It is lockable and completely watertight. As it is removable, it does not hinder stowage of the tender.

The INT-L system is the best way to protect your most fragile personal belongings while using the tender.

The Acti-V hull will provide more performance even with a small engine. Its keel profile gives it a precise and special handling for a yacht tender. The optional flaps optimize the boat’s behaviour and allow speedy planing without rearing up.

Well equipped, they are fitted with a rapidly removable bench seat, “safe-clic” oar supports and a self-bailer with interior control. Aboard, the H2P concept makes things easy: the boat, including the oars, fits in one bag.

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