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Garmin STRIKER 7dv Fish Finder With Transducer
Garmin STRIKER 7dv Fish Finder With Transducer
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Watersports FAQs Watersports FAQs


Most people learn to ski on two skis and progress to one ski either by learning to drop one ski off or just trying on the mono ski, which is quite hard and envolves needing patience and more engine horsepower. The wide skis will help with this to spead the weight by having more surface area. Wider skis seem to be the prefered choice for ski schools, because they save time and fuel to get people started.

Pairs of combo skis also have a mono rear toe binding for slolam sking. So everyone can use these skis and they are always good to have handy for teaching friends.

It is wise to buy a ski to suit your standard by getting beginner ,then intermeadiate and then advanced, this way you will grow to the standard of each level.

The mono skis usually get stiffer with price and performance is improved . The advantages of the higher range are significant but not that visable to see, buy the best brands and you cant go wrong. They have so much experience

The bindings get better with price, all mono bindings will be more supportive and higher wrap. The tournament competitive skis are fitted with full high wrap front bindings and have a mono rear toe loop[ you can buy a double front and rear binding for two feet in the binding to start]. on a few models.

Because the mono skis are purchased with one or two people in mind the binding size is more specific too the ski and the people to use it. We supply most skis with the suitable binding to suit the size of ski.

Example a tournament 66 ski will come with large binding to suit a 10-12 stone ski er with a foot size of 8-11[ uk] For more detail see reccomendation chart for details. Ref size of feet and body weight, please give detial in our special instruction box on the order form, to ensure you get the right size.

Speeds to ski at on pairs is about 18-26mph

Mono sking about 25-35mph

Size of skis show size charts on the skis

Kids 3yrs-7yrs

Junior 8yrs-13yrs and small teenagers and adults

Adult mono skis from 7/8 stone in weight to 20 stone adults[ wider skis prefered at this level]

Adult binding sizes for combo skis to range from size 4/5-size 12 uk roughly

Dont forget to get the bindings wet to get into them, and when you finished using them wash off with fresh water.



Do you have to be able to waterski before you attempt wakeboarding?  
No not really, although it will help with the balance. Many people learn wakeboarding before sking because they find it easier to get out of the water, due the boards surface area. Surfers and  windsurfers will probobly find this easy.

Do you require large amounts of engine horsepower on your boat ?  
No much less power than sking.lots of people can even wakeboard behind an inflatable with 25hp. You are reccommended to not exceed 20 mph on the boards.

Do I have to buy a beginners board to learn on?  
No, it is best to start on a beginners/intermeadiate board but you can learn on virtually any board. A lot of tournament boarders use open sandle bindings because they make the board very light. So therefore one board suits many users of different standards and sizes. It is best to start on a board which has sandal type bindings rather than high wrap so you can fall out of the bindings a little easier. Buying a better board is always advisable, so you can progress further without having to get rid of that first board. Most people love this and lots of people dont even ski, because wakeboarding is such a pleasurable experience with a lot less impact on the body.
It is always advisable to check the bindings are a correct fitting and all the fixing bolts are tight .  Ref eva foam bindings use correct binding slime or slick willie to get into the high warp bindings rather than washing up liquid as used by most people. Dont forget to get the bindings wet to get into them. When you finished using them wash off with fresh water.

How long should my board be?

Wakeboards come in different lengths,  the table shows a ROUGH GUIDE as to the length of board you should get, however boards differ greatly so ask your wakeboard retailer his/her opinion.

Small Person   135cm
Medium Person   142cm
Large Person   147cm

Wakeboard sizes and binding sizes:  
quick approximate rough guide
127 - for juniors and small adults under 8/9 stone
135/7- for 8 to 12 stone riders
138/140- for 10 to 13 stone riders
142/4- for 11 to 15 stone riders [mostly for adult beginners and bigger people]
145 plus - is for riders bigger than 14/15 stones and practically any beginners  

Advanced  better boarders will use smaller boards because they wont need so much surface area, and even an experianced 15 stone person could get up on 135 board.
You need greater surface area with less horse power. A bigger rider will need a bigger board for tricks to get lift and also the bigger boards are stronger to allow for the size of the rider. Therefore one board suits lots of different riders, and it is a good idea to buy large bindings to suit all potential users, you can always tighten bindings down.  

Binding sizes:
Small/medium     uk size 4-8/9
Large                  uk size up to 10/11
X/Large               uk size up to 12/13


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01.Zodiac Oars
02.Honwave Oars
03.Mercury/Mariner Kill Cord (15920Q54)
04.Honda / Honwave (trem)Transom Wheels for Air Ribs (06427-ZV5-T50
05.Zodiac Under Bench Bag Z1269
06.Rubber Mooring Snubber
07.Zodiac Cadet 270 (Roll Up/Aero/Solid)
08.33gm Auto Re-arming kit for Seago 150N & 175N
09.Honwave (Honda/Trem) S/S Swing up Transom Wheels (06427-ZV5-T0
10.Mercury/Mariner Q/C Fuel line 32-877680Q8
Honwave (Honda/Trem) S/S Swing up Transom Wheels (06427-ZV5-T0
Brought these for my Zodiac Fastroller 340 to allow me to la ..
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