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Safety FAQs Safety FAQs

We recommend boat owners and users should take suitable precautions with regard to safety on the water. Consider the following if applicable. Please note it is wise to ensure you have food, water, and sun protection. Before you leave home check you have your own personal gear fuel and boat keys. Check the condition of the vessel and vessels equipment weather and tidal conditions.

  1. Condition of the vessel and vessels equipment.
  2. Weather and tidal conditions.
  3. Condition of propulsion systems and fuel.
  4. Check trailer bearings and trailer accessories etc.
  5. Don not forget to fit your bung.
  6. We recommend that most engines should be fitted with a kill switch.
  7. If trailing on the road, please ensure that your trailer is in sound condition.
  8. Each member of the crew should have a personal safety device.
  9. Do not overload the boat.
  10. Do not overpower the boat.
  11. Check battery condition.
  12. Check you have keys, petrol, oil, bungs.
  13. Check personal items. Drink, food, sunglasses, swimming stuff, sun cream, ski gear. Check all safety gear.

At the slipway remove trailer gear, prop bag, strap etc. Check bungs. keys. Connect kill switch, vent tank. Blow out fumes from bilges, prime fuel. START IN NEUTRAL, on trailer, in water before moving off.


Safety Check List

We feel that you should carry the majority of the following:

Compass Fire Blanket EPIRB Distress Beacon Fog Horn
Anchor, chain, rope Lifejackets VHF, Fixed and/or Handheld Knife
Flares Buoyancy Aids Heaving Line/Throw Line Bailer
1st Aid Kit & Book Safety Harness Torch + Batteries Bilge Pump
Fire Extinguisher Lifelines Wooden Plug Set Basic Tool Kit
Reserve Fuel Tank Gas Detector Space Blanket Spare L/jkt CO2
Auxiliary Power Bilge Alarms Hand/Gel Warmers Liferafts
Kill Switch Boat Hook Light sticks Warm Clothing
Strobes Paddles Danbouys Thermals/Hats
Lifebuoys & Ropes Rope Emergency Nav Lights Set Thermal Gloves etc
Lifesling Watch Waterproof Boxes/Bags Engine Spares
Lifejacket lights Food Rations Water Tow Rope Binoculars
Sea Anchor Signaling Lamp/Mirror Radar Reflector Whistle
Retro Reflective Tape Water Container Radar Transponder Emergency VHF Ariel
Man Overboard Block Wire Cutters Signal Balls/Cones Quiet
Bosuns Chair ... .. ..


Lifejackets & Buoyancy Aids (In four CE categories)

 275 Newton Lifejacket (28 kg buoyancy)

  1. Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers.
  2. A high performance device for offshore and severe conditions, when maximum protection is required or where heavy waterproof clothing is worn.
  3. They give improved assurance of safety from drowning.
  4. While they cannot be guaranteed to self-right an unconscious user wearing heavy waterproofs, the buoyancy they provide should ensure they will, in the great majority of cases.

 150 Newton Lifejacket

  1. Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers.
  2. For use in all but the most severe conditions.
  3. They will give reasonable assurance of safety from drowning, to a person not fully capable of helping themselves.
  4. May not immediately self-right an unconscious user wearing heavy waterproof clothing.
  5. Equivalent performance to previous BSI Approved lifejackets.

 100 Newton Lifejacket

  1. Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers in inshore and coastal waters.
  2. They give a reasonable assurance of safety from drowning in relatively calm waters.
  3. Not guaranteed to self right an unconscious user wearing waterproof clothing and should not be expected to protect the airway of an unconscious person in rough water.

 50 Newton Buoyancy Aid

  1. Only suitable for competent swimmers
  2. Sheltered water use where help is close at hand.
  3. Only provides support to a conscious person who can help themselves.
150n manual gas has the option of oral inflation and a gas operation when the cord is manually pulled, which will inflate fully.
150n auto has oral inflation and a cord to pull for manual inflation of the co2 gas and in addition, this has a automatically operated inflation device which will inflate when immersed in water. 
The clipper 150n [auto gas/harness only] is a  new type hammer action lifejacket, which will operate under water pressure when immersed [rather than being operated when possibly being splashed]. This lifejacket also has oral inflation and manual pull cord to inflate, as all the gas jackets have.
All  the gas lifejackets are able to be re-armed [if you buy the re-arm kit] , if you have used the gas, and can all be used as an oral lifejacket.

Air Only Lifejackets

Three different inflation options are available throughout the Crewfit and selected Air Only lifejacket range.

Inflation Options

Manual Inflation
  1. Pull a cord
  2. CO² canister is fired
  3. Jacket inflates
  4. Delivers full buoyancy in approx. 5 seconds.
  5. Can also be inflated orally.
Standard Automatic Inflation
  1. Capsule fires within 5 seconds of entry into the water
  2. Mechanism pierces canister, inflating lifejacket in approx. 5 seconds
  3. Can also be inflated as manual version and orally
Hammar Automatic Inflation
  1. Innovative development for activating automatic lifejackets
  2. Hammar works on water pressure, only operating when submerged 10cms
  3. No accidental inflation, even in extreme conditions
  4. Cylinder is mounted on the inside of the lifejacket
  5. Full detailed instructions are provided with each lifejacket
  6. A key is provided which is essential to the rearming process of the mechanism
The Hammar Inflator gives excellent protection from random activation caused by moisture, rain or wave splash. This is achieved by protecting the water sensitive element with a hydrostatic valve. The valve will operate when submerged in water by 10cm or so and, depending upon the lifejacket style, held there for approximately 2 to 3 seconds.

When wearing foul weather clothing a lifejacket has to overcome the fact that air is often trapped causing the wearer to both surface quickly and float on their back. This may cause slow or nonactivation of the inflator. As the air escapes from the clothing, or if the individual rolls over face down, then the inflator will operate to deploy the lifejacket and return the individual to a safe position. If the wearer is unhappy floating on the surface but without the lifejacket deployed then the manual inflation option is always available.

Hammar user instructions are supplied with each lifejacket and should be read carefully prior to use. Re-arming instructions and key are supplied with each re-arming pack.


Technical Terms

Air Foam Lifejackets - Part foam, part air buoyancy provided by oral inflation.

Air Only Lifejackets - The buoyancy is provided by air or gas.

Buoyancy Aid - A means of providing additional buoyancy to a conscious person who is able to swim and help themselves, in situations where help is close at hand. It has less buoyancy than a lifejacket.

Buoyancy by Size - The amount of buoyancy in a device will change with its size. For example a baby size 10ON lifejacket has only 3ON of buoyancy. This will operate on a baby in the same way as 10ON would on an adult.

CE Mark - A sign that the iifejacket, buoyancy aid, harness and safety line has been tested and complies with the relevant European Standard. All these products must be tested and carry the CE Mark.

Crutch Straps - A method of keeping the lifejacket held down and in place when the wearer is in the water. We recommend their use at all times.

Foamlinherent Buoyancy - Buoyancy provided by closed cell foam or other similar material.

Gas Inflation - The buoyancy of the lifejacket is provided by a C02 disposable gas cylinder. Once activated the C02 cylinder must be replaced.

Harness - A system of webbing straps with metal buckles and D ring, used with a safety line, to prevent a person failing overboard. Must be CE Approved and must have the stitching in a contrasting colour.

Hammar Device - This mechanism is fitted with a hydrostatic valve that automatically inflates the lifejacket when the lifejacket is below the water. It is not affected by rain or spray.

Lifejacket - A means of providing buoyancy in an emergency. A lifejacket should, when fully inflated, turn the wearer, even when unconscious, face up and keep the airway clear of the water.

Manual Inflation - A method of inflating the lifejacket by pulling on lanyard to pierce the gas cylinder.

Mouth Inflation Tube - Fitted to all Gas, Air Foam and Oral lifejackets. It is a tube which can be used to inflate any lifejacket by mouth. This tube is also used to deflate the lifejacket by depressing the non-return valve fitted in the tube.

Newtons - The level of buoyancy a device provides in the water. 10 Newtons = lkg = 2.2]bs.

Oral Inflation - The buoyancy is provided by mouth inflation.

Retro-Reflective Tape - Reflects light back to its source in a similar way to a cats-eye, assisting rescuers to locate a person in the water.

Standard Automatic Activation - A device is fitted to inflate the lifejacket automatically once the wearer is in the water. Should this fail, manual activation can be used.

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Honwave (Honda/Trem) S/S Swing up Transom Wheels (06427-ZV5-T0
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