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Outboard Motor FAQs Outboard Motor FAQs

How to choose your outboard 

We will guide you to choose the model you require and tell you what you want to know, what you need , and what you can get.
We offer the right price, the right service, and the information you need.    
All models are horsepower rated at the propeller
Check the hp and weight rating on you vessel to ensure you do not over power your boat or your transom You need to know what size of transom you have, the height from the water if fitted on a bracket  S/S suits most small dinghies/boats/inflatables 381mil L/S suits most planning boats over 4mts and most working boats 508mil X/L suits some big ribs and offshore working boats over 600mil  Over 50 hp most engines are mounted to the right of the centerline to counter act the rotation of the prop Counter rotation twin motors involve mounting 1 standard motor and 1 counter rotation motor centrally[ consult your dealer] When fitting the remote control motors we sell you, you should make sure that an expert checks all cable connections and oil levels (especially 4 strokes). Four stroke outboards obviously use less fuel and therefore have virtually twice the range or you just have to carry less down to the boat.

m = manual start/ tiller control
mrc = manual start with remote control
m/l = manual start long shaft/tiller
s/m/l = sailpower long shaft with sail drive prop and electric battery charging
s/s = standard shaft or short shaft
l/s =longshaft
xl = extra long shaft
el = electric start long shaft/ check some are tiller / some are remote[all take remotes]
elrc = electric start/remote control l/s-elorc = the same with oil mix [2 stroke]
elpt = electric start /r/c and powertilt, elpto = same spec with oil mix on 2 strokes 30/40hp +

Do you want 2 stroke or 4 stroke?  

The 2 strokes motors are usually lighter and faster, with quicker excelleration. 
You mix quality 2 stroke oil with the petrol[ most engines take unleaded and are either 50.1 and latest are mostly 100.1].
They are easier to move around more regularly, i.e. no oil in the sump to spill out.
The 4 strokes are more economical and better for the environment, better for pushing heavier loads and you do not have to  mix oil with the fuel , and hence, less running costs. Approximately up to 1/2 the costs of running a 2 stroke. Less noise and smell.

Should  I buy? a manual (recoil pull starter) or an electric start 

[via key start with a deep cycle marine Battery connected] Once started the battery will be charging
Most modern manual start motors can have a battery charging facility fitted All Honda 5 hp and above have this and sail power motors from mariner also have it fitted as standard.    

Do I want tiller control or remote control?  

Tiller control is mostly fitted to portable motors
Remote controls are fitted with remote control boxes and control cables, most 25 hp and above motors come with the remote control box as standard. We will supply the control cables with engines bought from us. We will need the correct length of cables required. The control cables work the throttle and gears. Most r/c motors over 25 hp have the key start[electric start] on the box and in most cases the trim and kill cord are also on the box. Some tiller manual start motors can be connected to remotes with the aid of a fitting kit and steering kits, and controls and cables to suit. A electric start motor will require you to supply a suitable battery  and battery box.    


Check our detail on the model you require. All of the 4hp and above have fwd/n/rev
some levers are on the handle, some on the side and with a remote control motor the lever is  on the box.


Check our detail for the makers weight  quoted without fuel and oil, i.e. dry weight.

Power trim options  

This means the motors have ELPT trim and tilt fitted to operate the tilt of the motor whilst in use to trim the boat and tilt when you come into the shore or trailing. Most 50 hp and above motors are fitted with this.
All the motors have tilt facility , mostly manually operated- check spec for detail.

Kill  switch 

Now fitted to all petrol outboards you buy, to ensure that the engine is turned off if you fall out or over in your boat thus stopping the boat, via a cord attached to you and the switch.  You must use this at all

Engine cc- see specification    

Air cooled/Water cooled 

The only air cooled motor we offer is the 4 stroke 2hp Honda
All the other models are water cooled and therefore must not be run out of water and should be flushed regularly and never started in shallow water.  

 2 stroke /oil injection mixing fuel 

Most motors over 30 hp are oil mix and therefore you just put fuel in the tank and oil in the engine tank provided and this will mix its self.

Internal/external tank  

Most models  6hp and over we offer, have external fuel tanks as std 12lt and 25lt for motors 25hp and over for longer range.
The small portable motors have internal tanks [2hp-some 5hp] The 5hp mariner 2 stroke has internal and external tanks with switch over tap.    

Electric outboards 

For use in non tidal waters, lakes and reservoirs
Virtually silent and non polluting these motors are powered by 12v battery [ will not charge the battery] These will only run for a few hours if your deep cycle marine battery is fully charged, before each time you use it . They are any shaft length i.e. s/s or l/s.  


Most 4hp and above motors can be fitted with optional remote control kits and battery charging and some have optional external fuel remote fuel tank kits[4/5 hp 2 stroke mariners]
  All motors have fuel tank and propeller remote control models will have control box [25hp and over] control cables [ if you supply us with the correct length] bolts and steering link [25hp and over] Electric start will have battery cables[ you will need a deep cycle marine battery/box and we will supply terminals fitted].    

Engines in wells/confined spaces  

When using a motor in a well we recommend that you consider the physical size and dimensions,  the tilting of the motor.  Can the engine breath and will the exhaust fumes have an outlet [i.e. you may need bilge blower ?

Hints and tips for use maintenance and servicing of your outboard
Always refer to the owners manual and safety precautions before use.


Battery condition if electric/electric start petrol o/bs.Check fuel, Oil mix if 2 stroke, If 4 stroke check the oil level.


Check fuel is primed and tank is vented
Check your motor is in neutral, Except 2 HPs which are started in gear
Check your kill switch lanyard is connected
Fuel on
Choke(when cold)
Throttle position
Provided your motor is in deep water.[make sure no one is near the prop in the water.]
Start, Warm up and move away

Running in.

New motors need more than 10 hours running in
[Follow the manual on your specific model ]
Try to vary the revs range.
Do not sustain full throttle more than minutes and do not let if idle for more than a minute
2 stoke motors.use more 2 stroke oil in 1st tank to give better lubrication


(see dealer manual)
4 strokes should be serviced at a dealer between the first 10-25 hrs of use.
then every 100-200 hrs oil change and service are recommended
2 strokes should be serviced after 100 hrs use and after every 200 hrs and/or end of each season. And possibly winterized to stop any corrosion whilst not in use.


Charge the battery(If applicable)when battery is not in regular use
Get rid of old fuel and use fresh fuel in spring.
Clean fuel is very important
Quality oil, very important, in the correct mixture.
Unleaded fuel is suitable for most modern outboards.
Flush regularly in fresh water if used in salt water.
Also wash the casings down in fresh water.
Spray corrosion guard/WD40 inside engine cowling to displace moisture.
Use storage spray when not in use(2 Stokes).
Store upright when not in use.
4 Strokes can be laid down only on one side
2 Strokes can be laid down make sure all cooling water is drained out.
Never store with the leg higher than the head
Always select gears at low speeds
On the 2-3.3 and Honda 5hps, they have a shear pin inside the prop. So if you hit the bottom, the pin will break to stop the drive shaft from having problems.(You will loose the drive]
Use the pliers to remove and replace the pin.
4 Stokes check the oil dipstick regularly
Grease and lubricate regularly
Water-cooled motors, always check tell tail
If your motor gets sunk. Fill with oil and get information from a dealer ASAP.
Remember, The motor will not start unless kill switch in connected

Outboard Deliveries.

We will confirm orders and delivery times will be notified and discussed. Electric, and 2-15hps UK mainland delivery to you usually within 10 Days. 25 hp and above , up to 20 days
Because of physical size and weight it will be necessary to arrange suitable lifting facility at your end. We do however P.D.I. and run all motors before they leave us. Officially dealer prepared and have full UK warranty status. We do insist that a qualified mechanic should fit these motors and check cable connections and oil levels before they are started.

2 Stroke we supply 1st litre of oil.
4 Stroke the sump oil is removed to ship and we give you the correct amount to fill your motor before you run it.

Electric outboards need a suitable h/d deep cycle marine battery with full charge.

All tiller control motors will sold complete with clamp srcews to fit to the boat and remove easily and therefore remain portable.

All petrol outboards will come complete with a fuel tank either built in to the small motors or external tank with the larger models. They will all be supplied with a suitable propellor .[please indicate boat size and type if you order any motor over the 50 hp sizes]

All remote control motors will be supplied with suitable control cables [please supply size on the order form]and have a control box, bolts and steering link arm in order to connect to cable steering system.

All electric start outboards will require a battery  and battery box we will supply suitable battery terminals.

Ref 9.9 and 15 hp honda electric start models are tiller control with the electric start pad, if you need a remote control kit for this you will need 1 x A20 morse single lever control box , 2 x 33c control cables and a remote control kit which is an accessory pack and you need to specify length of the cables.

Remote control, electric start, outboards, will basically require battery and the time and expertise to fit them.

Larger motors

25hp and above motors, prices do not include delivery. Motors can be collected from our depot usually ready to collect within 10 days from date of order. This will be confirmed and discussed. We will quote delivery to you if required. Because of physical size and weight it will be necessary to arrange suitable lifting facility at your end. We do however P.D.I. and run all motors before they leave us. Officially dealer prepared and have full UK warranty status. We do insist that a qualified mechanic should fit these motors and check cable connections and oil levels

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